Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 3-Month Goals

I just got off a call with my fabulous coach - Maya, and have clarified my 3 month goals. Because my birthday in March 2nd - it has always felt like I never really start to gain traction until March - so I prefer to look at quarters by season - Mar-May = Q1, Jun-Aug = Q2, Sep-Nov = Q3, and Dec-Feb = Q4. So, for Q1, my health & fitness goals are to:
  1. Consistently stick to fitness regimen of 2 days Spin Class, 2 Days Weights/Strength Training, and 2 Days Yoga per week. Other activities will be considered "bonus" but will also be incorporated.
  2. Take 1 Dance Class per week
  3. Lose 12 Pounds
I am also committing to track my food using The Daily Plate for the next two weeks - at which point I will engage Maya and my new friend "Smurf" from the FitLifeSF Blog in assessing what changes I need to make to my nutrition plan. The idea is to focus on the activity and on the accountability - and go from there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Project Sexy Claudia

I turned 29 years old last Monday. The past two years, particularly the past year, have been full of personal and professional growth, fabulous new friends and mentors, and exciting travel to New York, DC, and Peru. Lots of exciting stuff going on for me - inspirations galore from my trip to Peru and from all of the professional developments as of late. The future's so bright...I gotta wear shades. ;-p

SO - what's this project all about then?? Precisely as the name implies - Project Sexy Claudia is about getting to a point where I feel, live and act as sexy and full of life as possible. It's about living life to the fullest, with a radiance and sense of confidence that only comes from being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. I have worked on my mental and emotional health - now it's time for the physical! I have known for some time now that I need to get my weight and fitness in check if I am to achieve my wildest dreams. I have made a commitment to myself to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. This is weight that I have carried pretty much my entire adult life - and to me it's a symbol of times when I was ill-equipped/resourced to deal with life's challenges in a healthy way; instead I used food and alcohol to comfort and distract me from dealing with uncomfortable feelings. My issue is and always has been stress and emotional eating - as well as just plain old inconsistency and lack of structure - in my schedule, in my diet, and in my day to day habits.

I am by no means "out of control" - quite the contrary. I'm a lifelong athlete, fairly active and have made some giant strides in my lifestyle. I love yoga, hikes, spin classes, and have tried pretty much every type of nutrition plan and detox ever conceived. I am in fairly decent shape - by no means obese, but definitely carrying around extra pounds and just not happy with how my body looks, and never have been. It is almost harder for someone like me that has less weight to lose - because it is very easy to trick myself into thinking I am fine, and to make other things and projects a priority. If I was 100 pounds overweight - it would be obvious that I needed to do something. I am "fine", but I am not where I want to be, and definitely not where I know I can be. I want to feel comfortable in my skin - something I have never felt in my entire life. I have always had "extra" and have never been remotely comfortable with the thought of exposing my arms, my stomach, and (God forbid) wear any kind of bathing suit. As a result, I limit myself from experiences and chances to fully enjoy life - and that is not ok. I am very aware that this is it - I only get one chance, and I don't want to leave this life never having looked super hot in a bikini ;-) I am ready for a major change!

I have always dreamed of helping and motivating others live healthy, passionate, and full lives - and I dream of becoming a yoga instructor someday. I know the first step is for me to conquer my demons and finally realize my fitness potential. I believe that a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind and emotional state - and I am ready for my outer body to reflect the amazing work I've done on the inside over the last couple of years. I realize one of my issues is that I have a habit of taking on an "all or nothing" mentality - which leads to burn out and disappointment. I don't want to do another crazy detox or count every single calorie - but I also don't want to sabotage myself. I never want to live a life or achieve a body that requires depriving myself of wine and chocolate - especially living in San Francisco ;-) I also have a very full life and career, so it will never be possible to live in the gym 3 hours a day 7 days a week. My goal is to develop a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle plan that is attainable and sustainable.

This blog will be specifically about this project and all of the elements that will go into it. I will post goals, jounal entries, pictures, wins/challenges, resources, events and overall progress. I will engage my mentors and friends along my journey - for accountability and to hopefully create a community of sorts focused on healthy, exciting, and joyful living. The value of community is huge - part of why I think I've failed before is that I tried to do it 100% on my own vs. engaging others in the process. When I've gotten leverage is when I've surrounded myself with other health minded people - joining exercise Meetup groups, etc. It's amazing how valuabe it is to read stories from people who are "real" and are/were faced with my same challenges - and how they conquered them. My ultimate goal is to not only capture my journey - but also at some point use it to inspire and help someone else along theirs.