Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 3-Month Goals

I just got off a call with my fabulous coach - Maya, and have clarified my 3 month goals. Because my birthday in March 2nd - it has always felt like I never really start to gain traction until March - so I prefer to look at quarters by season - Mar-May = Q1, Jun-Aug = Q2, Sep-Nov = Q3, and Dec-Feb = Q4. So, for Q1, my health & fitness goals are to:
  1. Consistently stick to fitness regimen of 2 days Spin Class, 2 Days Weights/Strength Training, and 2 Days Yoga per week. Other activities will be considered "bonus" but will also be incorporated.
  2. Take 1 Dance Class per week
  3. Lose 12 Pounds
I am also committing to track my food using The Daily Plate for the next two weeks - at which point I will engage Maya and my new friend "Smurf" from the FitLifeSF Blog in assessing what changes I need to make to my nutrition plan. The idea is to focus on the activity and on the accountability - and go from there.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Claudia,

    How is the program coming along? Thought I'd swing by to check on ya!

    ~ Smurf