Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back on Track

It's been a few weeks since my last post - which is crazy because the time has absolutely flown by. It has been an up and down battle the past few weeks - mostly due to midterms and an increased workload, which have both calmed down a bit as of today. So, I am up for air, and ready to re-engage my commitment to this project!

I have been tracking (almost) every day on the Daily Plate, and will now email Heather so she can look it over and see where I can improve and tweak a few things. My overall observation since starting to track is that I don'g have a horrible problem - but I definitely "cheat" a little too much - particularly on the weekends and with alcohol. My worse times are when I am really stressed (duh!) because I feel like I have no time to do anything, so preparing my food and exercise can easily fall off the radar. I've been craving CARBS and sweets lately - particularly starchy sweets like cookies...not sure if it's a time of the month or just a general stress thing - but need to nip it in the bud.

I am quite proud of the fact that I have been doing exercise almost every day - have been walking an hour plus in the hills of Hillsborough with Margaret 4-5 x a week. This past week the yoga and spin were not possible due to my schedule, but tomorrow I'm back on with Spin and plan to take a couple of yoga classes this weekend.

SO - overall, proud of my progress and for sticking with it and for re-committing. Had a great conversation with Margaret today about being easier on myself, so that is something I will work on...Oh! and on a random note - I absolutely love Bethenny Frankel from the Real Housewives of NYC - and I found her website today that has tons of delicious, healthy recipes: - I will add this as a link on the right...

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