Monday, September 20, 2010

Yoga and Chard

Today was one of those days where I got a lot done - except for the most important, time-sensitive stuff (aka Homework). This weekend was filled with friend/social activities - which I am glad about since I am just now seeing friends I haven't seen for almost four months. I believe that nourishment comes in many forms - food, drink, relationships, intellectual stimulation, exercise, and so on. This weekend, I nourished my relationships and social needs. Now time to focus on a big week ahead...

I've been pretty good about working out, and the eating out has been kept to somewhat of a minimum...had a great 7 mile walk around Sawyer Trail with Burn Fitness on Saturday, and a great Vinyasa Flow class tonight at Equinox. I have been staring at this amazing stalk of swiss chard that I have had in my fridge for a week. I swore to myself I could not let this go bad! So I looked up a new recipe, as per my new "one new recipe per week" rule, and came upon this recipe for Whole Wheat Pasta with Rainbow Chard and White Beans. I am enjoying it as I type - very proud of myself for not only taking the time and effort to prepare this delicious dish - but for holding myself accountable in so many ways, despite not doing the plan perfectly this weekend - I am starting the week off strong, focused, and very proud of my Yoga and Chard evening ;-)

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