Thursday, May 28, 2009

Journaling Day 2

Retroactive post for yesterday - I was on the road most of the day driving home from Santa Ynez, then headed straight to work, crammed for and took my final at 6:30 - and then crashed on my couch til I passed out around 9:30! I belive I can recall my diet...

Breakfast (8:30):
16 oz Water
1 Organic Fuji Apple
1 c Kashi GoLean Crunch w/ Almonds cereal
1 c Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk
5 Fresh Strawberries

Mid Morning Snack (11:00):
1 c coffee w/ a splash of half & half and one packet Sugar in the Raw
1 Toasted Nuts & Cranberry Luna Bar

Lunch (2:00):
1 Veggie Burger w/ 1 Tbsp Hummus
Organic Red Leaf Salad w/ sprouted flax & hemp seeds
1 Square organic dark chocolate w/ Almonda

On my way home from taking my final - I stopped and walked about 15 minutes with my friend Sheila at a park near my home, then headed to Trader Joe's for some much needed grocery shopping. Bought all the staples and some good olive oil as Eve suggested. At Trader Joe's I had a sample of some new salad they're carrying, and a shot of their coffee w/ a pinch of raw sugar and a dash of lowfat milk.

Dinner (9:15):
1 Handful Raw Cashews and 10 Raw Almonds
4 oz. Black Beluga Lentils w/ 1 Tbsp Hummus & 1 Tbsp Salsa
Big Green Salad w/ Organic Red Leaf Lettuce & Arugula, organic cherry tomatoes, sprouted flax & hemp seeds

Overall - for an incredibly hectic day - I think I did pretty gosh darn good...normally would have stopped and had something not so great on the road - thought about buying a chicken salad sandwich at Starbuck's in King City - but decided I didn't need it!! Proud of me...and so happy that school is done! (for now)...;-)

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