Sunday, May 31, 2009

Journaling Day 4

I have been a little remiss in blogging - I tend to get out of my routine on the weekends...lots going on. Truth be told - what really threw me off was Friday night - I went to the Giants game with a friend of mine and drank. I actually drank way too much. I'll share my day so you can get a sense of how it led to overdrinking...

I started the day great - wasn't able to go to yoga as I had planned, but decided I would come home early from the office and get in a workout before leaving for the city.

Breakfast (9:30)
2 scrambled eggs w/ 1 orange sweet pepper & green onions
1 piece of sprouted wheat bread toast
1 tsp of hemp seed butter
1 tsp strawberry preserves

I got the office around 10:15 and had a bunch of random errands and things to get done before I left. I felt slightly unfocused and not terribly productive. I had a double shot of espresso around 11:15 w/ some soy milk creamer and 1/2 packet of stevia. I also had about 4 mini chocolate biscotti - not happy with myself, but I noticed I was feeling anxiuos, which is when I've noticed I crave sweets. They were kinda stale and not very satisfying - but it was the sweetness that I wanted - to help soothe me...same reason I crave the coffee - but I have noticed that it does the opposite! It makes me feel jittery sometimes and even more restless.

Before lunch, I had about 16 oz. of water, and then an organic green salad I brought from home just like the one I prepared last night for dinner(see day 4) plus 4 oz. of cooked black beluga lentils and 1 tbsp of hummus. It was good, and satisfying.

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