Saturday, June 6, 2009

Journaling Day 11 - Saturday 6/6/09

Today was a beautiful day ;-) This weekend is the second of 6 Anusara yoga immersion weekends - 9 hours of Anusara yoga practice and philosophy/spirituality study. This morning I was slightly nervous - since the last weekend we had done a 5-6 hour practice each day that was incredibly challenging and left me sore for a few days after...but thankfully today started with a half day of philosophy and spirituality study - so we didn't get to the asana practice until the afternoon - and I felt challenged, but safe and totally competent...

I woke up and took my supplements with 20 oz. of water. I knew I would need some energy today, so I decided to add some grains to my diet.

Breakfast (9:30):
* Power Smoothie
* 1/2 c Steel Cut Oatmeal
* 5 Blackberries
* Splash of Soymilk

I packed a power salad and some sprouted almonds (raw almonds soaked in water, stevia, cinammon adn orgnic vanilla extract). We had a break around 12:00 and had a snack:

Morning Snack (12:00):
* half the bag of almonds (about 15 almonds)
* 1 cup of caffeine free orange spice tea

Had 16 oz of water throughout the morning session. Decided to go to the Organic Thai place downstairs for a delicious lunch and save my salad for an afternoon snack.

Lunch (2:15):
* Green Curry Vegetables
* Brown Rice
* Plain Iced Tea

Afternoon Snack (7:30)
* Remainder of the Almonds (about 15 almonds)

I ate the almonds as soon as we got out of class - to tied me over until I got home to make dinner. On my way home, I stopped and went shopping to Trader Joe's - got some produce, nuts, gluten-free granola and a couple of other staples. I decided I would have the portobellos I had bought earlier in the week, and decided to accompany it with some sweet potatoes ;-) I was really proud of myself - as soon as I got home, I got to prepping dinner, and while the mushrooms and sweet potatoes cooked, I lit some candles and took a wonderful epsom salt bath to relax my muscles...felt wonderful!

Dinner (9:30):
* Baked Sweet Potato spears w/ olive oil, celtic sea salt & pepper
* 2 Med. Portobello mushrooms w/ olive oil, celtic sea salt, pepper & splash balsamic
* Power salad (the one I had packed in the morning)
* 1 oz. herb goat cheese
* 10 Multi-seed crackers (gluten free)
* 1 Glass Sangiovese red wine

I ate dinner and am now just watching TV - about to head to bed...plan on waking up around 8:00 and reading for about an hour then heading out around 9:45 for day 4 of the excited!! ;-) I didn't get much sun - a few minutes at lunch time - but I will definitely do that tomorrow - I plan on taking a walk at lunch...Just had 16 oz. water and heading to bed. good night!

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