Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Journal Day 8

Today has been fabulous and so far right on track...went to bed at 11:30 last night and woke up at 8:00 - only waking up once in the night but fell right back asleep. Took my supplements first thing when I awoke (Day 4), plus 20 oz of water. Got ready for the day and to head to Berkeley for my Yoga class. The class/community put together a bunch of meals for a couple in the community that just had a baby and is unable to afford time and money for meals right now - so I offered to help and made a delicious organic salad for them.

Breakfast (9:00 AM):
* Power Smoothie (see recipe on the right) to which I added half a pear.
* 16 oz water on my way to class.

I got to Berkeley and had a wonderful Anusara practice from 10-11:45. Then debated coming right home for lunch or treating myself to this Organic Thai place I've been eyeing downstairs from my yoga studio...decided on the Thai ;-)

Lunch (12:30):
* Red Curry Vegetables w/ Tofu
* 3/4 c Brown Rice
* 1 Iced Tea w/ 1 packet Stevia
* 16 oz. Water

I got home around 2:30, and got to work (about time!). I found it difficult to focus - and started feeling a little tired...wierd.

Snack (4:00):
* 2 Handfuls Raw Cashews
* 1 Organic Braeburn apple
* 2 Squares Organic Dark Chocolate w/ almonds (Trader Joe's)
* 16 oz water

Dinner (7:45):
* 4 oz. Red Snapper Ceviche (leftovers)
* 1 Super Salad

Dessert (9:00):
* 2 Trader Joe's mini Chocolate soy ice cream sandwiches
( I was only going to have one, but I was weak ;-( they really are small though - only 90 calories each! and I was good all day...;-) no excuses - just won't do it again...soon anyway!)

Went to bed a little later than I wanted to because I had a lot to do for tomorrow -it's a big day - I become a US citizen tomorrow ;-) So I was a little nervous and ended up staying up until 12:30 and have to wake up at 6:30...not ideal - but will work on that the rest of the week. Also didn't get to get much sun today...other than being outside in/out of the car, etc...didn't get to go for a walk or get direct sun, so for sure tomorrow!

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