Monday, June 1, 2009

Journaling Day 7 - Monday 6/1/09

Today started off very tough. Last night I didn't get to bed until 1ish because I had so many things to do to prep for the week, and I had to get up at 6:30 to be in the office by 7:30 for our 8:00 staff meeting, so I already knew I wasn't going to be getting enough sleep. But to make matters worse - I wasn't able to go to sleep for 30-45 minutes, and then woke up 3 different times throughout the night. I was so frustrated, and that is totally not like me at all - if you know me you know that I have never had any trouble falling or remaining asleep ;-) So...maybe it's the supplements? The stress? A combination of the two most likely...

I took my supplements first thing in the morning with 20+ oz of water. I had to take my breakfast on the go so I could wait the full hour. Didn't have time to make/prepare anything decent - so I took the last of my trader joe's lowfat granola and a cup of organic, unsweetened soymilk. I ate that with about 5 organic strawberries around 8:00 AM. Around 10:00 I started feeling hungry, so I had a glass of water (16 oz.) and a small bag of raw cashews, almond and pepitas that I brought from home. I drank another 16 oz. of water about an hour later.

I got busy working after our meeting, so didn't have lunch until 1:45 at which point I was starving. Went to Pluto's with my co-worker and had a full mixed green salad with beets, carrots, roasted almonds, tomatoes, soy beans, corn, and blue cheese crumbles w/ a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. Also had the slice of italian/focaccia bread they serve with it...too hungry and it's too good ;-) Another 16 oz of water.

Afternoon Snack:
Around 3:30, I started getting a mini craving for either something sweet or I made myself a green tea instead, and succumbed to two mini chocolate biscotti and 1 tsp of organic peanut butter. Not the best, but I am proud of myself for not going after the huge chocolate chip cookie at Peet's like I would have normally...

I worked at the office until about 4:00 and then went home to try to take a nap. I layed down but only dozed off for about 20 mins - I think I felt guilty since I never take naps - especially with so many things to I watched the rest of the Julia Ross video and answered some emails. Around 6:30 I was hungry, so I ate a sprouted wheat tortilla w/ about 1 c. home-cooked black beans, 1 tbsp hummus, pico de gallo, mixed greens, shredded carrots and 2 slices of avocado. This has become my new favorite snack - so satisfying and perfectly filling! I started feeling a little more energized, and realized the sun was still out - so I decided to go for a walk. I walked in the hills by my house for about 45 minutes and felt a lot better afterwards...Then I headed to Trader Joe's to buy some produce (organic mixed greens, soy beans, beets, tomatoes, lemons, limes) and came home to prepare dinner and do some studying.

Dinner: (9:30)
I had purchased some red snapper at Whole Foods the other day, so I decided to prepare a version of Peruvian ceviche - I basically cured the snapper in lime juice with some red onions and peruvian aji (pepper) - had that with the same mixed salad from the night before - for a light but delicious and satisfying dinner. Had another 20 oz of water througout the night.

I took my supplements around 10:45, then made myself some "relaxing tea" and journaled. I'm going to stretch for a few minutes now and head off to bed...will be getting a full 8 hours (hopefully) ;-)

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