Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Journaling Day 13 - Sunday 6/8/09

Took supplements at 8:15 AM w/ 20 oz. of water

Breakfast (9:45):
* 5 Organic Strawberries
* Same Breakfast Burrito as yesterday (see Journaling Day 12)

Lunch (1:30):
* Coconut Curry Veggies & Tofu
* Sauteed Green Beens
* 1/2 c Brown Rice
* 2 Arnold Palmers

Snack (5:00):
* Soaked Raw Almonds w/ Cinammon & Stevia
* Organic Braeburn Apple

Decided to stay at office until late since I got there late, so I worked until 7:00, and then decided to take a walk through beautiful Palo Alto and enjoy the rest of the day's sun. Walked for about 30 minutes - then went into Whole Foods to see what was on sale. Picked up some organic red leaf lettuce, red chard, dry black beans, salmon, and a few other misc. items. I also picked up a new Greends powder since I am running out of the one I had been having - here's the one I bought: http://www.amazinggrass.com/berry-green-superfood.html. I also got some Goji Berries, a new brand as well: http://www.himalania.com/index2.html#loadsite

Walked the 10 mins back to the office, worked for another hour, and left around 9:00PM. I drank another 20 or so oz. of water. Normally I don't like staying at the office that late - but I got a lot done, and I knew I would be working virtually most of the week, so I was ok with it. Got home and I wasn't super hungry, so I decided to have a lighter dinner and prepared a yummy smoothie with a packet of this greens/chocolate protein meal drink I found at Whole Foods.

Dinner (9:30):
* 5 raw cashews
* Smoothie:
** 4 oz unsweetened soymilk
** 4 oz almond milk
** 1/2 banana
** 1 Tsp. Sprouted Flax Seeds
** 1 Tbsp Almond Butter
** 1 packet Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion (see nutrition breakdown below)

Took supplements at midnight, and heading to bed now...a little later than I wanted to, but get to sleep in a bit tomorrow...

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